Why do you attend Sabbath School?

To study the work and fellowship with my royal family.

What is the purpose of the Sabbath School?

The Sabbath School is designed to draw unbelievers to Christ while aiding believers in living Christ Centered Spirit Filled lives on earth while preparing for the life to come.

Here are some benefits of attending Sabbath School to consider:

  • builds faith through Bible study and helps unify members worldwide.
    • provides fellowship with like-minded believers in a small-group environment.
    • provides a “safe place” to express views and ask questions without fear of ridicule.
    • has a consistent world mission focus and helps finance missions.
    • helps members and guest gain insights into the Bible from others’ viewpoints and knowledge.
    • helps us become more disciplined in personal Bible study.
    • provides opportunities to discuss practical applications of Scripture.
    • connects people with the source of true authority—the Bible.

James White wrote the first Sabbath school lessons in 1852. In the olden days, it was called the church at the study. The concept of Sabbath school grew from there. It seems it was the Lord who led White to begin this most effective method of teaching, likely because He knew His people would benefit from regular group Bible study as well as personal study.

So what about this week’s Sabbath school—will you be there?