Community Service Department

Mrs Sylvia Kirby, Director

The Bible records the story of a woman named Tabitha or Dorcas, “a certain disciple…full of good works and alms deed,” in Act 9:36-41. Her story was the inspiration for the Dorcas Society, now Community Services.

The Community Services Department in Deerfield is a part of a larger system of the Adventist Church, put in place to help uplift humanity with hope and wholeness.

Currently, as a local entity, we participate with the homeless shelter in our area by preparing and serving a hot meal to those in need on a monthly basis. We are grateful to the volunteers who are committed in this effort.

Another endeavor is the bi-monthly distribution of food and clothing to the church, community and neighboring city of Pompano Beach. We trust that these distributions aid the households that receive, in stretching their monthly incomes by eliminating the cost of groceries.

We understand that the needs are many and varied, and while we seek to point our fellowmen to the soon coming of the Savior, we also, seek to follow His example and reach out to those in need and hurting.

We welcome you to join us in sharing God’s love with those around us by volunteering your time and/ or sharing your resources, such as softly used clothing and small household items, i.e. dishes, utensils, pillowcases, sheets, etc.