The Testament of Astrology ~3~ (Sequence Three: The World of by Oskar Adler,Amy Shapiro,Zdenka Orenstein PDF

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By Oskar Adler,Amy Shapiro,Zdenka Orenstein

the area of the Planets and guy deals 21 lectures in components ...

Part One: the event of global rhythm as messenger among time and eternity: planets as mediators among Zodiac and guy; Pythagorean triangle and tune of the spheres; the numbers three, 7 and 12, Caduceus and Rosicrucian cosmogony, Geocentric & heliocentric views; the planets’ polarity and sexuality; dignities, the 7 holy planets, phoenix; teachings of Ptolemy, planetary symbols; the person within the live performance of the celebs; solar and Moon as poles of Self, eclipses, 24 quarter-moon positions; “burden of the cross”; natal Moon in every one signal, relative to solar positions.

Part : Mercury via Pluto; planetary dignities, in components, symptoms and in point to every planet; the outer planets’ demanding situations; transcending and approaching planets; track as analogy for planets’ “tones;” the cosmic institution of existence in 7-year classes regarding Saturn and Uranus; eternity-background of Neptune, interaction of “Self-concentration and Self-immolation.” Mercury concerning “Hermes Trismegistos and Smaragdine pill; copula among topic and item, conception expressed in good judgment, inductive, deductive, inventive and ethical reasoning. Venus juxtaposed with Mars, Jupiter juxtaposed and against this with Saturn; the meanings of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto; why Uranus includes “dangers” for immature souls, ego-stability and Self-relation. Neptune, because the cosmic and transcendental adventure of the Self; the planet of “Meta” is expressed in four types; meta-ethics (Fire), metaphysics (Earth), meta-logics (Air) and meta-psychics (Water) symptoms; Uranus-Neptune features and the traits of generations. The Pluto-Janus connection, Self-development and evolution.

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