Prayer Ministries

Ms. Beverly Herbert, Director


-To encourage and equip our leaders, members and community to make prayer the dominant force in their lives through prayer focused initiatives.

– To intercede for all people in prayer.

We believe that prayer moves the hand of God and is indeed the breath of the soul! Our world is in chaos and our hearts are becoming more and more distant from our Creator. The enemy, the devil, prowls as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, but we are encouraged by God’s call to seek Him– to pray – it is an invitation to succeed! Prayer brings us into a direct relationship with the One who created us and gave His only-begotten Son for our sins. When we pray, God takes charge of our prayers and He empowers us to keep pressing forward. God has never failed! Pray fervently! Pray without ceasing! God cannot go back on His Promises. He is the Almighty God of Israel! The God of Abraham! Pray On…