Singles Ministries

 Mrs.  Alicia Pierre

Each one reach one! Compassion with a healthy dose of kindness goes a long way. Our bible verse of encouragement is Isaiah 41:10.
Who is classified as singles?
A person who was never married, divorced, separated and widowed. Single parents, young and mature adults are all included in this category. However, we embrace all people.
Our focus
We are mission-driven, focused on being a great example for those we come in contact with daily. Spreading the word of God thus bringing others to Christ. To provide support and help for those who are struggling physically or emotionally. So our face differs thus our lives. United we stand to assist each other and our church.

As Jesus is our Spiritual and physical example, our goal is to exemplify His love and character in every aspect of our ministry. In following His divine example we will give back to our members and the community by fostering and supporting educational efforts to edify and nourish. We will assist in opening avenues to educate on financial stability as well as physical, mental and spiritual health, positive relationship building and any area our singles may stand in need. When we are connected through the word of the Lord we will all grow in grace and have respect for our fellow men. One of the texts we use as a guideline is Micah 6:8 and another for encouragement is Isaiah 40:31 so let us keep the word alive in our thoughts and action.

Let Jesus be our example as we open our hearts, homes, and finances while leading others to Him and advancing the cause of His kingdom.