Women Ministries

Ms. Lenore Kennedy

To become more “Christlike” from inside out and fulfilling Jesus Great Commission

We reach this objective by:

  • Organizing activities in which women can learn how to grow spiritually
  • Teaching ways to reach others in their community
  • Preparing women for a better service in their church, community and home
  • Teaching women how to use their talents and spiritual gifts to grow God’s kingdom
  • Making all prepared resources available to the churches Women’s Ministries leaders of Deerfield Beach Seventh-Day Adventist.
  • Organizing yearly Women’s Ministries Leadership for the churches Women’s Ministries leaders and the members of their committee
  • Organizing training in churches
  • Making all resources prepared for Women’s Ministries available to the church.
  • Designing intentional activities for young adults, teen girls, and girls from five years old and up
  • Making herself  available to support the Deerfield Beach Seventh-Day Adventist churche Women’s Ministries activities by her presence, her teaching, her advice,  and all resources available


  • Women’s Ministries day of prayer resources
  • Women’s Emphasis day resources
  • Abuse prevention emphasis day resources
  • Evangelism material for women
  • Evangelism training resources